Toasty Sandwiches


#1 bae-goal

Tasty Bagel Sandwich, Egg Layered with Melted White Cheddar & Hickory Smoked Ham + our 100% maple spread

#2 sunrise

Toasted croissant sandwich with egg, vermont shite cheddar, spinach & pesto spread

#3 Cherry Chicken

Toasted pecans & dried cherries combined with guernsey buttermilk & fire roasted chicken served on zingermans challah bread

#19 pretzel sliders

2 pulled pork sliders with white cheddar served on toasted pretzels rolls

#24 hammi

hickory smoked ham COMBINED with 2 gourmet cheeses & our homemade maple spread on toasted torte roll

#27 honey mooner

smoked turkey with melted Swiss cheese & sweet honey mustard on toasted zingermans challah bread

#28 Roast-Zip

Seasoned roast beef with melted Vermont Cheddar with our homemade zip sauce served on a torte roll

#29 Cheese Trifecta

3 Gourmet Cheeses melted on toasted Zingermans Challah